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Cassia - 1028 Market Street, SF
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Cassia is the evolution of the Fuki food truck, developing out of the knowledge we have gained about the foods we serve; Moroccan-Peruvian goodness. We are adding exciting new dishes that complement the existing ones. Please come visit us!

fuki Food Truck, still the best and getting better!

At Fuki we are committed to providing quality sf food , promoting organic agriculture, and supporting local producers.  We are one of the few mobile food trucks using humane and sustainable products such as grass fed,  antibiotic and hormone  free meats, organic free range eggs, organic produce and compostable containers and utensils.
Fuki loves feedback. If there's anything you think we can make better please tell us, we want to hear about it!

what is FUKI?

etasites japonicus, (Japanese: 菜蕗) also known as Fuki, bog rhubarb, or giant butterbur, is an herbaceous perennial plant in the family Asteraceae. It is native to Japan, where the spring growth is relished as a vegetable. - Wikipedia

MORE IMPORTANTLY - FUKI IS THE BEST FOOD TRUCK IN SF!! Well maybe not the best, but for sure it is a bad-ass mobile food truck serving delicious street food inspired by the spice trade! If you have yet to taste our fuki, your mouth should be salivating in anticipation.

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